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Appearance:colorless or slightly yellow clear liquid

Flash point:121℃

Molecular formula: C6H12N2O

Molecular weight:128.18

Melting point:-20℃

Boiling point:246℃

Vapor pressure mmHg:75(50℃)




ⅡChemical character of DMPU

Because the carbonyl in its structure is with strongly absorb-electron effect,so it is a kind of non-proton polarity solvent with high boiling point,high flash point and low melting point,use conveniently for many processing operation such as filtration,distillation,solvent extraction,and so on;it is with very low toxicity,so the harm to human body is inappreciable,and reduce the environment pollution;due to its very strong dissolvability,it can dissolve organic matter,inorganic matter,resin,polymer,etc.,and activate all kinds of reagent,mix to dissolve the other high boiling point solvents;it is with very good stability,it is stable under the hot strong alkali and acidity condition,it is with waterresistance and light,oxygen stability.Therefore DMPU used for organic chemistry reaction can promote the dissolution of reactants,quicken the reaction speed,increase the efficiency of reaction,and substitute the bigger toxicity solvents.


DMPU used for producing the medicament preparation:the cuticle of organism is a physiologicalbarrier,which prevent out-body matter from entering,so the preparation for external use need to add the solvent that can promote the skin absorption.The solvent should be accorded with the requirement as below:active medicament can reach the harmed place quickly and credibly;no skin irritation,no toxicity;keep the stability for long term.DMPU can resolve many kinds of medicament,it is nearly no toxicity to human body,can meet above requirement,so it is used as medicament dressing.The medicament made by mixing DMPU,other dressings and medicament can promote the dissolution and mixture of medicament,boost up the stability and passskin absorption of medicament,and prolong the effect time of medicament.

Ⅳadvanced use
1. Proved by practice,using integrated performance of DMPU is greatlly increased in fine chemicalindustry field,for producing antibiotic,DMPU with high dielectric constant and high boiling point is more suitable for synthesizing production,using DMPU is not only with lower toxicity,but also can obviously increase the rate of finished product and reduce the production cost.
2. Used in industry production,DMPU can substitute caused-cancer Hexamethylphosphoramide(HMPA),that will be very good to protect environment.

ⅤThe enterprises of using DMPU

All kinds of chemical industry manufacture drug factory(such as antibiotic manufacture factory),traditional chinese medicine factory,pesticide factory,macromolecule material factory(plastic factory,dope factory),manufacture film factory,top grade manufacture leather factory,top grade sponge factory,cell factory,printing ink factory,writing ink factory,electron circuit clean lotion manufacture factory and other fine chemical industry factory.


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