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Our professional edge
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  1, professional advantage, Our service personnel are all chemical professional staff and be able to better communicate with customers, as well as provide customers with more professional content, thus ensuring our company's professional, keep the development of chemical technology , In a timely manner to capture the chemical in the field of cutting-edge information technology, become a real expert in the field of chemical technology and business mentor.
  2, resources advantage, over the past few years, Kangzhuang chemicals were always adhere to the development principle "Science and technology are primary productive forces" and cooperate with the "Peking" and "Tianjin University", "Nankai University," and "Hebei University of Science and Technology" and Domestic Liaoning, Xi’an, and other parts and has established the research institutes and cooperative relations with them, optimizing a number of well-known domestic experts and scientific research achievement and laying a sound foundation for our company’s development.
  3, interaction advantage, our need and requiry can reflect in such a professional platform and really form a good interaction, we communicate with the same chemical technology enthusiasts at the free exchange of views, demonstrate an interactive platform advantages In this platform , chemical professionals and enthusiasts,can exchange views and learn from each other and doing free trade.
  4, focus advantage, we all companies will focus on chemical technology services concept and focus on our goal to develop in depth, and we are delighted to find that our commitment Will get more returns, we are dedicated to our philosophy of the firm that we will be able to reach our first-class brand in the near future.
  5, compatibility advantage, the saying goes, greatness lies in the capacity of our company in an open and tolerant attitude, welcome to all talents to join us our company, we will take all available means to cooperate with any talents . Would be sincerly outstanding talents into our team.
  6, oritation advantage, our goal is to become China's first-class brand in chemical industry technology within three years ,we are all working hard and has worked out a complete program of strategic planning in order to achieve this goal.
  7, team advantage: the company's staff for many years that they are experts, but also college students studying chemical engineering profession, they are all experienced and full of vitality.
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